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Flexible solutions supervised by a leading law firm

FlexLaw, a special offering by the leading Swiss business law firm Schellenberg Wittmer, provides efficient and flexible legal support services in areas that are generally both resource-intensive and cost-sensitive, such as large-scale document reviews, e-discovery, contract management and judicial filings.

FlexLaw is staffed with Swiss trained lawyers and other professionals with a legal background, who are either employed on a permanent basis or recruited specifically according to the needs of a particular project. To ensure top-quality services, all FlexLaw professionals are selected, trained and supervised by Schellenberg Wittmer.

Our offer


FlexLaw offers swift, efficient and flexible solutions for clients’ legal support needs in matters such as internal investigations, compliance reviews, complex litigation, corporate transactions and contract management projects. FlexLaw adapts to the specific requirements of each individual project, be it on an ad-hoc or long-term basis, providing both on-site and remote support.


FlexLaw staff consist of Swiss-trained lawyers, professionals with a legal back­ground and law students, all carefully selected, trained and supervised by Schellenberg Wittmer


FlexLaw and Schellenberg Wittmer have extensive experience in the conduct and management of the entire lifecycle of e-discovery and document review projects of all sizes.

FlexLaw works with specialist review software – e.g. Relativity, Nuix, Veritas, Digital War Room – and secure dataroom solutions, secure file exchange platforms and other productivity and analytics tools, including predictive coding.

For digital forensics, and if required also for data collection and processing, FlexLaw resorts to specialist third-party service providers with which we have longstanding relationships.

FlexLaw has access to the IT infrastruc­ture necessary to provide any service on secure internal and external IT platforms within Switzerland.


FlexLaw is able to offer its services at competitive prices. The pricing model is agreed individually with each client and is available on the basis of hourly, daily or monthly rates, depending on the nature of the project.


Work performed by FlexLaw attracts Swiss legal privilege protection to the same extent as work performed by any Swiss law firm. Our third-party service providers are also bound by the same obligations of confidentiality.

Work Examples

FlexLaw and Schellenberg Wittmer support clients in a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Complex internal investigations, often with strong cross-border elements involving cooperation and coordi­nation with non-Swiss teams
  • E-discovery projects supporting cross-border litigation
  • Voluminous document reviews, data analysis and document production; e.g. as part of regulatory and criminal investigations or competition and antitrust law dawn raids
  • Document management and general support services for complex litigation and arbitration cases
  • Anti-money laundering and other compliance reviews
  • Due diligence reviews in corporate transactions
  • Standard contract drafting and man­agement in various industries

As a common feature, our support in these projects typically covers also the provision of strategic advice, includ­ing advice on the selection and use of advanced technology solutions. Such support in an early phase of a project is often a key element in the overall success.



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