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Switzerland: Environmental, Social & Governance Law 2022


Our refreshed review of Environmental, Social & Governance Law in Switzerland highlights how ESG considerations have become directly relevant to Swiss companies' business strategy.

As a clear sign of the wave of capital available to companies that have pivoted to ESG strategies, funds pursuing sustainable investments exceeded conventional funds in volume terms for the first time in 2020.

In addition, lenders increasingly screen for ESG criteria, while companies with sustainable finance opportunities have been able to lower their cost of capital. Credit rating agencies are similarly incorporating ESG factors in their credit analysis.

Even the M&A markets have become deeply influenced by ESG as companies seek ESG strategic fits or divest from non-sustainable assets. Furthermore, companies may face potent ESG-driven M&A activism.

These fast-accelerating market trends are supported by an equally impressive expansion in the legislative agenda as Switzerland is in the process of aligning with international standards.

In our comprehensive briefing, we distil for decision-makers and in-house counsel essential legislative developments, disclosure requirements, governance challenges, private initiatives, capital markets opportunities, and on-going trends.

Follow the link below to download our chapter, published in the International Comparative Legal Guide.


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